Meet Barbara Karmazyn

Barbara Karmazyn with Shakers Barbara Karmazyn is a dynamic facilitator, educator and free style dancer. She is a bright spark who ignites playfulness, self expression and creativity through rhythm, dance, storytelling and art.

She specializes in the early stages of artistic and creative development and facilitates drum circles, song circles, storytelling circles and creative dance. A dance educator and an Early Childhood educator, she is also a narrator for Talking Books.

Barbara began her career in 1983, teaching arts programs to children of all ages. A few years later she became the director of a children’s summer art camp and ran it for 7 years. From this rich foundation of experience, she designed courses and workshops to teach others how to provide creative programs for children. She has given talks to parent groups and training teachers, caregivers and students for over 20 years.

Dancing with Child

In the early 90’s Barbara began working with people outside of the education community. Her workshops evolved into self care programs, teambuilding sessions and personal growth playshops and retreats. She has presented to a wide variety of groups and organizations at conferences, colleges, picnics, retreat centres and the workplace.

In 1997 Barbara went to Hawaii to train with Arthur Hull. Since then she has facilitated drum circles to people of all ages and abilities. In 2005 Barbara completed the Health Rhythms training program with Dr Barry Bitman and Christine Stevens.

Barbara has also created a successful dance and singing program for adults who have developmental delays and still dances with young children.

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