Barbara’s Approach

Barbara does Yoga by the Lake
Games and Structures

“I love to use open-ended games and structures that enable people to use what they already know. I provide a foundation to encourage them to find their own way, and to draw from their own personal experience, memories and recollections. During this process, participants discover new skills and abilities, which enhance their own knowledge base.”

Problem Solving

“I love to spark the imagination by asking questions and presenting creative problems for participants to solve, and I love to observe the results, especially the pride and self assurance that comes from having an idea validated and used within a group activity.”


Barbara Gives a Presentation“I love to talk about creativity and self expression, and share what I know about the links between creativity, self expression, growth and health. This connection fosters all-round general health and wellbeing on a mental/cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual level.”


Educating Other Professionals
“I really enjoy training students and people already working in the fields of education, early childhood and other supporting/caring professions such as elder care, special needs, mental health, and addictions.”







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