Barbara’s Blueprint

“All workshops and retreats stem from my workshops for Early Childhood creative development. I have adapted and tweaked these basic workshops to suit the needs of different groups, but all programs follow the same blueprint.

How I create the experience for you is made up of many different components:

  • A nurturing, encouraging atmosphere, where the emphasis is on process, discovery, exploration. I call this “Artsplay”.
  • Multi-sensory environments to stimulate the senses and create new dendritic connections
  • Open-ended games based on cooperation and self-discovery
  • Wide variety of stimuli and resources to get the creative juices flowing

Child and DrumI am offering a blueprint sample of how to provide a joyful, exciting, exploratory multi-sensory environment. You, the participant, will experience it for yourselves and will be so pleased, empowered and excited by what you discover that you’ll want to share this with everyone you know!

The added bonus: you may reconnect with the “sleeping artist within”, or rediscover your passion, or discover a new one. Hopefully you’ll continue playing with the tools of self-expression, to contribute to your own growth, your health and vitality.”

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