Stimulating Environment

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Barbara creates a stimulating environment that will awaken and inspire the creative process.

Supportive Atmosphere

Barbara provides support and encouragement so that each person can enter into the creative process at their own comfort level.

In an atmosphere that validates each and every person’s ideas and abilities, Barbara gives people the permission to take creative risks and to celebrate the results.


Supplies and Resources

Some Instruments

Barbara brings and shares a wide variety of supplies and resources such as:

  • Drums and percussion instruments so people can create musical harmony together
  • Chants and songs from a variety of cultures for everyone to sing
  • World music, classical and popular music from different decades for dancing
  • Imagination sparkers, props and costumes to animate shared stories
  • Art materials such as pastels, coloured pencils, paint, papers and collage material, glue and lots of other neat stuff to play with
  • Handouts to take home and continue the journey/process

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