Behind the Curriculum

Leading a Rhythm Group

Parks and Recreation
For 8 years Barbara taught drama to school age children and creative dance, music, drama and exploratory art to pre-school children. She also ran visual arts programs at outdoor festivals and facilitated thematic birthday parties using art and drama. For 7 of those years, she was the co-ordinator for Kidzart Camp, a multimedia summer program for school-age children.

Early Childhood Education
From this rich foundation Barbara designed her creative development workshops and courses for Early Childhood caregivers and students, parents and teachers. She presented at colleges, conferences and parent groups.

Playshops and Retreats
Eventually her workshops evolved into playshops, retreats and teambuilding sessions. She has presented to many different groups in a wide variety of settings, including a full week intergenerational arts camp at Naramata Centre. She has also run a delightful fun-filled Family Play Day in Kamloops, BC.

Health and Wellness
In 1999 Barbara designed a Self Care workshop for Early Childhood educators. In the years following she presented this to a wide variety of groups and organizations.

Community Living
In 2001 Barbara began facilitating drum circles for adults with special needs. One year later, she designed a dance class that was soon followed by a singing class. These classes evolved to become a combination dance/singing class. A few years later she designed and offered a storymaking class.

In 2002 Barbara began drumming with elders in adult day programs and seniors homes. She adapted her storytelling/making workshops specifically for elders and presented them at recreation centres and neighborhood houses.

Substance Abuse Recovery
In 2003 Barbara was the Creative Process facilitator in a recovery house for women. Once a week for 3 hours, she used storytelling, drama, singing, drumming and art to enhance the recovery process.

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