Keynote Speaking

Barbara is a highly energetic and entertaining speaker, who uses an experiential format to help her audience process and remember key points of her talk. She brings a wealth of experience to her keynote:

  • 25 years as an educator with children and adults of all ages and abilities
  • her research in creative and artistic development, early childhood development, multiple intelligences and arts education (art, drama, dance, music)
  • as a “late bloomer” her own personal development as a creative individual has given her a greater understanding of the value of creativity and self expression in all areas of our lives



Nurturing the child’s natural abilities to sing, tell stories, dance, make art and music enhances the healthy development of the whole child. Topics covered in this presentation include

  • the link between artistic expression, creativity and brain development
  • components of stimulating and supportive environments
  • providing open ended activities
  • integrating the arts into curriculum topics
  • the value and importance of exploration, process and discovery.



Children learn a great deal about themselves and their environment through the expressive arts. Enhance the development of children in your care by providing wonderful opportunities for self expression. Learn a variety of playful, open ended activities in movement, sound, rhythm and story making that will nurture the creative potential, imagination and growth of young children.
Handout provided.

Barbara was the keynote speaker at our 2008 Calgary Preschool Teachers’ Convention, as well as a sessional speaker. She is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who passed along many ideas about encouraging creativity in children with minimal expense. Barbara is great fun to watch and listen to. Her sessions were enjoyed by many of our participants with comments such as:

• Bring her back any time.
• Very useful activities and information.
• Down to earth ideas we can actually use.
• Thanks for your energetic and fun sessions.

Wendy Kondrat
Speaker Co-ordinator
Calgary Preschool Teachers Association