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The following programs follow the artsplay model to enhance self expression and creativity in adults. They have been tried and tested with a wide variety of adults in many different settings and are suitable for any occasion.

Time Frame: Playshops: 90 minutes to full day. Retreats: ½ day, full day, weekend, to 5 day.



Our lives are full of stories. Within our own stories are characters and events that provide wonderful material for an audience. Barbara’s storytelling playshops teach you how to embellish and animate your stories through simple storytelling techniques, voice and gesture. Each playshop has a particular focus:

The Story Pot
Focus: personal stories based on a topic chosen by the group. After the telling, the group brings the story to life. Emphasis is on the playful and joyful aspects of the creative process.

The Wisdom of Family Stories
Focus: discovering and sharing the wisdom within our own families. Participants share stories and anecdotes that contain messages of courage, inspiration, and wisdom

Stories of Strength and Power: A Celebration of Women’s Lives
Focus: discovering and sharing the wisdom and courage of the women in our lives. Participants share personal stories about their mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and friends.

Making up stories together is a delightful way to spend time with family and friends. Barbara’s playshop teaches you how to make up stories with people of all ages and abilities.

Once Upon a Time
A fun filled playshop designed to stir the creative juices through simple story making techniques and theatre games. Emphasis is on the playful and joyful aspect of the creative process.

Movement and Dance

Barbara shares her love of dance by bringing great music and fun dance games to stimulate and motivate. She teaches body and spatial awareness through an improvisational structure. There are no steps or patterns to learn as the emphasis is on the playful discovery of movement. Designed for the beginner-beginner, living room dancers, late bloomers and anyone who loves to dance. Wear comfortable clothing.

Visual Arts

Exploratory art experiences to touch and try a wide variety of art supplies and materials. Come and play around with colour, line, shape, design and texture. Emphasis is on the enjoyment, pleasure and the process of making art. Designed for the beginner-beginner, doodlers and late bloomers.


RHYTHM – see Round Rhythms Page

Mixed Media

The following programs introduce participants to more than one art form. Some have been designed for specific groups with a specific focus:

Arts Play Day: A Taste of the Arts
(Full Day)
Play with art materials, dance your own dance and sing your own song. Share stories, play theatre games and create in the moment music. Designed for the beginner-beginner and the playful at heart.

Artsplay: Awakening the Creative Spirit
(2-5 DAYS)
ArtsplayDay expanded to 5 days…each day focuses on one art form

Dance and Rhythmplay
(1/2 to Full Day)
Awaken your rhythm spirit in this unique blend of free style dance, body awareness, found sounds, voice and percussion. For living room dancers, shower singers, percussion puppies and late bloomers.

Inspiration, Self Expression and Sacred Space
(1/2 day to full day)
Discover what stimulates your creativity as you create your own personal sanctuary from a variety of supplied material. Let the process itself become the inspiration for writing and/or drawing.


The following retreats have been designed with a specific focus in mind:

Be Your Own Sweetheart: Valentine’s Playshop for Women
(Full day)
Single? Tired of feeling alone on this day for couples? Give yourself a gift and spend the day dancing your own dance, and making your own music. Create a tangible reminder of the importance of loving yourself.

The Magic of Menopause
(Full day)
Designed for women of a certain age and follows the format of Artsplay Day.

Drumming in the Woods

Nature Retreat
(Full day….weekend….5 days)
Walk through the woods, sit by the water and use your senses to smell, listen, see and feel nature all around you. Discover how to use the tools of self expression to enhance your experience.

Mothers’ Day Retreat
This Mothers’ Day, treat yourself to a weekend of fun and rejuvenation. We’ll sing, dance, create music, play with art materials and honour the women in our families through stories

Artsplay and the City: A Creative Approach to Sightseeing
(Full Day – Weekend)
Guests are sent on a self-guided multisensory treasure hunt. The “treasure” is used in a variety of playful uplifting exercises that awaken the creative spirit and bring new perspectives to sightseeing.

Couples’ Creativity Weekend
You and your sweetie will spend the weekend discovering your creativity together through art, rhythm dance and storytelling.

Custom Retreats and Programs

Barbara will design a program to suit the needs of any group.


Releasing stress and tension is one of the key components to health and wellbeing. The expressive arts provide a variety of different ways to let go of stress before it has a chance to lock into the body. In her Wellness programs, Barbara introduces a selection of artsplay skills and strategies that are applicable to the workplace and the home.
Time Frame: 1 hour – full day

Take a Break: Strategies for Self Care
How do we find the time to take care of ourselves amidst the busyness of our daily lives? This workshop examines the question of finding time for ourselves and introduces a variety of creative strategies to use throughout the day. Discover how to find the balance between responsibility and self care and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Self Care for Caregivers
Care givers get so caught up in looking after others that they forget about themselves. This workshop examines the reasons why caregivers put others needs ahead of their own and introduces a variety of creative strategies to use throughout the day. Discover how to schedule short breaks and learn new techniques to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Self Care for Busy Parents
As primary caregivers, we get so caught up in looking after others that we forget about ourselves. This workshop offers a variety of ways to practice self care and provides an opportunity for participants to talk about why we don’t take care of ourselves. Through discussion, and simple exercises, participants will learn how to slow down, and meet the challenges of making the time to stop and smell the roses.

Be Your Own Best Friend: Coming Home to Yourself
 (Full day)
 What does it mean to take care of yourself? This workshop begins with a discussion of this question, and offers a variety of creative strategies using dance, art and storytelling.

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