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Drum Instruction
Barbara has designed the following new programs to give people working in the field the skills and confidence to provide expressive arts programs for their clients.

Singing, dancing and making up stories together cultivates physical, mental, emotional and social growth in a fun, joyful and uplifting manner.

These programs were originally created for and enhanced by Barbara’s students at Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion at Still Creek.

During the course of each program she observed and witnessed many of the benefits listed below. Support workers have also noticed and reported to her the “incremental changes” and “positive effects” her programs have had on participants.

Link HERE to see The Beat Goes On, an article covering Barbara’s drumming program (on Page 8 of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion Newsletter.)

To view photos of Barbara and folks drumming at PLAN special needs picnics, link here: 2007 and 2006

Benefits of Expressive Arts for Special Populations

  • Enhance individual expression and creativity
  • Enhance self awareness, self confidence, self esteem
  • Encourage social interaction and social skills
  • Facilitates feeling of group identity, group synergy and cohesiveness
  • Promotes left/right brain integration and skill development
  • Advances listening skills, sequencing skills and following directions
  • Improves range of motion
  • Develops body awareness, co ordination, balance and flexibility
  • Promotes feelings of well being and happiness
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Calming and centering

Expressive Arts Programs for Community Support Workers

Each workshop includes discussion, exploration and skill development. Handouts are provided. Time frame: 2 hours to full day.

Danceplay: Creative Dance ProgramTouch and Movement
Discover how to provide an exciting dance program that places the emphasis on improvisation and social interaction. Learn the basic concepts of creative dance: body awareness and spatial awareness; brain integration exercises and a variety of open ended dance games. Dance by yourself and with partners to a wide variety of world music. Discover for yourself the joy and benefits of creative dance, and then pass this on to your clients.

Voiceplay: The Joy of Singing
Discover how to provide an uplifting program that encourages participants to use their voices in a variety of ways. Learn how to facilitate group participation through vocal warm ups, simple songs, chants, and “zipper” songs. Bring a tape recorder. Discover for yourself the joy and benefits of vocalizing, and then pass this on to your clients.

Song and Dance
This all day workshop is a combination of the Danceplay and Voiceplay.

Stories, Stories, Stories
Discover how to provide a creative, fun program that encourages people to make up stories together. Learn basic storymaking and facilitation techniques and how to bring the stories to life with props and costumes. Discover for yourself the joy of unleashing the imagination and then pass this on to your clients.

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