Wendy Kondrat, Speaker Co-ordinator, Calgary Preschool Teachers Association

Barbara was the keynote speaker at our 2008 Calgary Preschool Teachers’ Convention, as well as a sessional speaker. She is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who passed along many ideas about encouraging creativity in children with minimal expense. Barbara is great fun to watch and listen to. Her sessions were enjoyed by many of our participants with comments such as:
“Bring her back any time.”
“Very useful activities and information.”
“Down to earth ideas we can actually use.”
“Thanks for your energetic and fun sessions.”

Sean Airhart: Associate NBBJ Architectural Firm, Seattle

In her playshops, Artsplay facilitator Barbara Karmazyn uses play from the perspective of the expressive arts. 48 architects from a large firm in the United States experienced the benefits of play, while discovering valuable life skills that are inherent in the expressive arts.

Their goal was to unwind and get to know each other better…the result went far beyond their expectations. As players told stories, engaged in theatre games and rhythmic experiences, they entered into the collaborative aspect of the creative process. As a result they discovered new ways of communicating with one another, enhanced interpersonal skills of trust, mutual respect, listening, cooperation, and cultivated innovative thinking and problem solving skills.

The emphasis on play, put players at ease and contributed to higher levels of learning, risk taking and confidence. This was most evident in the quality of the presentations at the end of the session.

To quote three of the participants
“You have given me something I can use the next time I have to make a formal presentation.”
“I would recommend Artsplay to anyone interested in getting past personal comfort zones to relearn a life skill”
“Our design team is quite a bit closer these days and I feel it is due in large part to our activities with you.”

Ann Mortifee: Singer/Songwriter

“Barbara has a wonderful quality of bringing people together in joy and fun. Her devotion to the work and the people with whom she works with is a true inspiration. Any gathering is enlivened by her unique gifts.”

Joey Demers: Professionals in Transition

“Your piece added a great element of levity as well as meaning to our presenter’s appreciation meeting”

Teachers on Intergrating Storymaking Into the Classroom

“The personal connection was great. This gives me a set of immediate tools/ideas to use in my class”
“Excellent materials to make curriculum come alive”
“Gave me some fun/easy/useful ideas to use with my class – things other than paper/pencil”

Drumming for Health

“What fun!” “I’m vibrating!” “I liked the hands-on drumming.”
“I learned that rhythm is essential to life.”
“I learned that when you concentrate on rhythm pain disappears!!”
“Barbara is an awesome facilitator!”
“A fun activity – everyone enjoyed themselves.”

Association of Community Schools Drum Circle

“An excellent way to refresh and reflect”
“This rhythm drumming experience goes beyond words and connects us all in a spirit of community” (Bill Preston)
“Heartbeat community” – two of the most important words in our vocabulary- a wonderful way of symbolizing what community schools do” (Susan Lamb)
“What a way of bringing people together! I mean really connected, almost physically through the sounds and the vibrations” (Wendy Borelli, Co-Ordinator, Edmonds Community School)
“The light hypnotic trance state aids in embedding conference condepts. Subtle yet powerful Barbara has a special gift” (Jim, Nanaimo B.C.)

Early Childhood Education Workshops

Helped for new ideas and confidence
Lots of fun and got some new refreshing ideas. I would recommend this workshop to others.
Barbara is wonderful – very inspiring
I have always been uneasy with art. You have opened my eyes at the unlimited possibilities in extending and expressing myself. I can’t wait to try it with the children.
Now I have more confidence to do the things that I want to do a long time ago..Thanks
Great stuff….got me aligned again
Useful in that I will be less critical of my creativity
I am thrilled with what I have learnedvery warm and welcoming and created a safe environment

Sacred World Music Festival (dance facilitator)

“Thank you Barbara, watching you all weekend gave me the courage to get up and dance.”
“Watching you teach, and watching the children grow with you adds to the day.”

Take a Break

I feel relaxed and yet full of energy – glad I attended